CRC 1238 RETREAT 2022

One-day retreat of CRC 1238
Control and Dynamics of Quantum Materials

Friday, September 23 2022
Universitätsclub Bonn

master-, PhD students, postdocs and PIs working in the context of our research program.

Please register for the retreat before Sep. 10th using the online form below.

Retreat 2022

I will join the conference dinner:

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9 + 8 =

Preliminary program:

9:30 Achim Rosch: Driven matter (overview talk)
10:30 coffee break
10:50 Yoichi Ando: Gigantic Nonreciprocal Transport in Dirac Materials
11:35 Hamoon Hedayat: Time-resolved Raman Scattering
12:30 lunch break

Stefan Blügel: t.b.a.

14:15 Erwann Bocquillon: Microwave transport in HgTe topological insulators
15:00 coffee break
15:30 discussion session (presenting results of survey)
16:15 poster session
18:30 dinner (Hotel Königshof)



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