Project Leaders‘ Meeting September 2023 //

Next summer, we are hoping to prolong our CRC for another four years. We look back on three very active and productive years during the second funding period. Despite all the obstacles related to the pandemic, we have managed to conserve and even boost the momentum from our successful first four years! Now we are starting to look ahead on new research topics, challenges and opportunities, with a number of new Project Leaders bringing in new ideas and additional momentum.
In order to shape the funding proposal for the third funding period 2024 – 2028, we have had a two-day Project Leader meeting on 11. – 12. September, where each project has presented its own perspective on the future of the CRC. This spawned vivid discussions and numerous ideas for internal collaborations. Thanks to our students, we have enjoyed a wonderful dinner party in the institute’s courtyard with barbecue, drinks, more discussions, and a lot of fun!

Dr. Thomas Koethe
Scientific coordinator